This blog’s purpose is to track my (Nathan Bobinchak’s)  progress in Prof. Massanari’s Guerilla Media class.

We’re following the trends of DIY/mashup/punk culture, and how it relates to alternative media.

Of course, those trends can’t be fully understood without a framing of popular and mainstream culture, so expect those to make an appearance as well.

If you have any ideas of what we (or I) should look into, please comment!

I’m also addcited to mash-ups. If you haven’t noticed, I link to several every time I post (which has been every day, so far). I generally like the DJ Earworm “songwriting style,” but they all work. And they’ll all be showcased. If you click on this blog just to get to the music, that’s totally fine. In fact, they’re practically a bribe. Besides, what’s a little piracy between friends?

As a plus, all of the tracks I post can be downloaded right from the site. Right-click (or control+click on a Mac) and download the linked file.

I’m going to try to keep this focussed on media issues, but if I get political, don’t expect it to be unbiased. I do enough of that at my job at the Loyola Phoenix. If you threw up in your mouth a little when you saw the site, don’t worry, we’re actively refurbishing it. Anyway, any political statements will be far to the left. Be ye warned. Or excited. Or both.

I also have a habit of posting cool art that I find. Some days, I just don’t come across enough exhilarating alternative media to make a good post. That’s when the art comes in. Not that it’s supposed to be a sloppy-second– the art is often cooler than the actual issues I blog about.


6 responses to “About

  1. not your roommate Gabe

    Why did you spell Guerilla wrong?
    I think you should have more content about Gorilla’s or the pun doesn’t work.

    Also: I used that nifty little search thing you have to search through all your posts. My query was “poop.” Nothing turned up. You might want to get on that.

  2. –Nate

    I appreciate the old english use of plural “you.” Also, thanks for the shout out in your second most recent blogging — soon to be third most recent, and likely then fourth most recent, and so on and so forth until my name fades in obscurity.

    P.S. I agree with Gabe; let’s get some more references to primates in this blog

  3. try
    dj shadow.

    also, boards of canada’s kind of mash

  4. thank heavens you added that photo — your blog was starving for a reference to its own cleverness.

  5. nice mention on VUVOX. I hadn’t see the ‘edit’ and ‘delete’ buttons on the embedded piece before, so I found a variable you should delete from your embed code:


    remove the ‘canEdit=true’ and the buttons will be removed.

    — NOTE — if you are further interested in how photojournalists are using VUVOX, see some cool pieces that the Washington Post has done:



  6. I hope you keep this blog going after the class. They’re a nice change of pace from those damn status updates, yours especially. I can barely keep up ready.

    Still no “poop” You’re slacking….

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