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I’ve always been overly interested in the weather. Not as a career choice (I don’t really find meteorology to be terribly stimulating as a science), but just as something to keep current on. It’s often the most relevant news to me. I rarely trust the government on most things, but for weather, I think they’ve got their act together (and have the technology to do so), so I keep up to date with the NOAA website. It seems the most reliable.

Today, however, I found (indirectly, through Daniel) this website, that doesn’t necessarily have the credibility to match the NOAA, but certainly has a better designed interface. The above picture is from the image for “snow.” You can see the rest of the images they use here. Apple’s weather widget may have more specific graphics, but certainly not better ones. I know who I’m going to be checking from now on.

I found another great craft-y thing today, too, on Kanye’s blog. I love yarn and art that is made with it (as I’ve said in the past), so this video was pure magic to me:

I like the song, too. But really, combining stop-motion video with button-eyed puppets with yarn guts is a pretty unbeatable combination. At least as far as my aesthetic tastes go.

One of the things I like about Mashuptown is the relatively high number of tracks they share with more than two artists mashed together, but even though this first track isn’t one of them, it made me go back and listen twice, it was put together so well.

This second track is considerably funkier.

To finish things out, this last track is an overwhelming avalance of Queen. It’s not mashed particularly carefully (or at all, in many places), but if you love Queen, you’ll love this track.