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Snapshot 2009-09-06 22-21-17

As promised, I’m sharing the source of the header photo for my last post. I found this artist via Kanye’s blog, and couldn’t help but pass it along. I’m not entirely sure what she uses to make her pieces, but they’re all brilliant.

The artist’s name is Meredith Dittmar, and she has a portfolio of her work here. I particularly like her dioramas, like this one:


Particularly, I like how she uses the balance of vivid colors with the greyscale backgrounds. If I had the money, I would definitely buy one of these things to hang wherever I go.

In my US Experience class last week, my teacher (an art professor) gave us a big speech about how Americans don’t buy and hang original art. If anything, we’ll have a poster or a print, but never the original thing. I mentally protested, as we have quite a bit of original art hanging in my parents’ homes, but half of that is either my mothers work or my own. So maybe he has a point. Regardless, buying ¬†original art has made it onto my list of things to do, when I’m rich.

Since I shared a whole album of mashups the other day, I’m going to leave you with this video, courtesy of A-Trak. If you haven’t heard of him, I’ll share something that I love dearly that he’s worked on, soon. That’s a bad sentence, I know. Anyway, here’s the video:




Image Copyright Rune Guneriussen

Image Copyright Rune Guneriussen

Update: The telephones have been moved. They are no longer lined up in formation in front of the television. Instead, they are occupying all of the free space in the hall closet, awaiting their magnificent fate (which has yet to be determined, of course). Upon perusing the internet today, however, I came across a Boingboing Gadgets post that showed an image by the Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen. He, of course, has more phones to play with than I do, but he still has an impressive display. Rather shamelessly, I have ripped several photos from his website, which I’ve made into a Vuvox presentation for your enjoyment:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Of course, since this is infringing on several laws, if the artist wants me to take this down, I will immediately. I don’t have much else to share today, but I still welcome suggestions from the readership as to what my telephones should be used for.

Speaking of copyright violations, here are a few more for you.

This first track is weird. But I’m kind of in to it.

I doubt 2 Black 2 Strong meant for this second track to sound like this, but I like it.

This final track is another one from my iTunes archives. It’s a fantastic mix, but I like a different version when it comes to the very last bit. I’ll share that some other day.