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My direction in college (like most people, I find) has never pointed in the same direction for any great length of time. It’s still pointed in the same general direction (journalism), but all the little stuff usually shuffles around.

Recently, I decided to become a ceramics minor. I really love wheel-throwing, and I feel like I’m pretty good at it. And I’ve been crazy about handbuilding stuff ever since I saw the Claudel-Rodin exhibit at the DIA several years ago. I even thought about doing my AP Art portfolio with 3D work, though I wisely realized that 2D design was a better idea at the time.

Anyway, the volume of production that I’m working at right now makes it pretty easy to justify giving stuff away, but eventually I may try to sell some of the stuff. How? TEH INTERNETZ, OF COURSE!

Yesterday, at the Guerilla Media final class meeting, someone brought up the website Etsy as a way to buy handmade stuff. For me, it was a little bit of a “duh” moment, but there were a lot of people in the room that hadn’t heard of it, so I figured I’d share it here. If you hadn’t heard of it, don’t feel bad. I’m just a dork. Also, check it out. There’s lots of really good stuff on there, though there’s probably an equal amount of stuff that should be avoided.

Norwegian Recycling is the star of today’s music again, first with a video:

The direct-download link for the song is here. My favorite part is from 2:01- 2:30 with Akon. By far. Also, LOL to Green Day.

I’m not quite as pumped about this second track, but it’s still typically high-quality stuff.

This final track is produced out of its mind, but he does it so well!


Color Copy


I admit it– the subject of this post is ripped directly from Kanye West’s blog. I hadn’t read it before last night, and I’m really quite impressed with it– there’s tons of good stuff. It’s broken down by category, and while I’d known he was into fashion (and music, of course), I was delighted to find all the cool art and design he was posting. There’s some controversy as to whether or not West actually writes his own blog, but I don’t really care. As long as there’s interesting content, they’ve got my vote.

Anyway, the “cool thing” that I wanted to share was this video, which is apparently a “chromatherapy” art installation called “Patachromo,” by the French artist SuperBien:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Chromatherapy is controversial itself, as it’s widely regarded as pseudoscience. There are arguments for the power of color on the psyche and body, but the detractors’ main point is this: chromatherapy is nothing more than flashing colored lights on someone. That may be, but I’d like it. If there were a series of colored lights above my bed that pulsed above me as I fell asleep, I bet I’d be more relaxed. You never know! If nothing else, it makes for a beautiful installation piece. If anyone can find this as a screen saver, let me know.

For the music today, I have three more from Norwegian Recycling.

The first track features “I’m Yours” again, but this time with an A vs. B structure to the song, against Akon.

I couldn’t get this second track out of my head all day, so I’ll share it with you. It has a really fun, kind of dorky attitude that fits the vocals perfectly.

My mouth literally fell open when I first heard this final track. It’s just a very basic A vs. B mash-up, but the instrumental track is a part of my very soul. Bonus points to whoever figures out what it is first (Roxy and Gabe don’t count).

PS– Whoever reached this site by searching for “how to draw a gorilla in a battle form,” I hope you found what you were looking for. Chances are that you didn’t, but I’ll make sure to include something along those lines in the future.



Today, though you wouldn’t know it unless I told you, this blog is moving into a brave new world. I’ve invited my old friend Daniel to share his thoughts as another contributor to this blog. I think this is an important for a few reasons:

1) It gives this blog a life beyond the confines of the class I started it for. I’ve gotten pretty hooked on this stuff. What started out as a little experiment in a class has turned into a daily adventure of searching for things to share with the community who reads this, no matter how large or small it may be. I’d like this to become, in some way, a continuing effort, and expanding the authorship beyond myself (especially when I’m off in the woods for long swaths of the summer) is one way to do that.

2) It gives the blog an alternate perspective. One of the biggest problems I have with blogs, and why I initially avoided writing one, is that it’s often just the limited view of one person. Just take a look at the injustice that I heaped upon The Monkees,¬†which commenter Kelly called me out on. Blogs everywhere have these kinds of gaffes, mostly because one person can’t be expected to know everything. Daniel has already expressed some differing opinions on some of the issues I’ve posted, so it will be refreshing to see more of a dialogue open up. Hopefully it will inspire people to comment, as well!

I hope this change is exciting to everyone else as it is to me. I think you’ll appreciate Daniel’s particular expertise at finding interesting things on the internet– I have for years.

In honor of our new author, I’ll address one of his concerns, and post some songs from different source. I first heard of Norwegian Recycling through Daniel, and his songs are really incredible.

I don’t remember all the different songs in this first track, but there are eight of ’em. Anyone who can manage to make that many tracks lay together well is a genius, as far as I’m concerned.

It may sound obvious, but mashing a hip-hop song with the track it sampled in the first place sounds awesome. Especially if the track is as famous as Beautiful Girls. This second track has that, and more.

This final track also features a song that blew up the airwaves in the summer of 2007, but interestingly, I’m Yours¬†wasn’t officially released until 2008. The internet spread it prolifically prior to that, however, and its final release was actually significantly different than the earlier track. Just an extra little tidbit.

PS– The image for the post is the Google Images result for “Norwegian Recycling.” I don’t know how it’s related, but I like it.