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The Cat Returns


The school year has resumed, so I’ve decided to resume the blog, as well. I thought about restarting this with some kind of look back into what I’ve been up to in the months that I’ve been away from this, but I decided that’s stupid. I do, after all, try to keep myself out of this process as much as possible. However, I can sum it up in a couple of words:

I was in the woods.

Good? Good. To start things off, I have a couple of stop-motion videos (found through Boingboing, of course) to restore the aesthetic that I like to explore:

I’m not going to write too much right now, since I have a job interview tomorrow morning, but a post wouldn’t be the same without mashups. I shared Super Mash Bros.’ first album last year, but they’ve come out with a new one in the meantime, All About the Scrillions. This album became the soundtrack to the second half of my summer, and I dare say I could have done worse. Check it out.

Here’s one of the tracks.

Here’s another one.

And here’s the link to the album download.

PS– Curious about the header photo? Check back tomorrow to find out what it’s all about!


Gratuitous Bike Videos


I wrote a pretty long post last night, so instead of boring you with my words, I’ll just share a couple of videos that I found today.

The first is for Anchor Butter, which I’d never heard of, prior to my internet-browsing this evening. It’s a New Zealand-based free-range butter company, churning out spreads that may not be any better for you, but at least come from happy cows. Here’s a fantastic stop-motion felt advertisement they put out:

It’s cute, and the fact that it’s stop-motion-craft-y makes it a winner for me.

Speaking of cute, I recently saw a video (via Boingboing) that made me realize I live in the wrong country. Now, the USA isn’t all that bad, and it’s getting better (I hope), but check out what these policemen are doing in Denmark:

Hugs! And free helmets! Nice ones, too. I guess when the Danes embrace their two-wheeled bretheren, they really mean it. While I’m tempted to go to Denmark anyway, now I know for sure I’m not going to be wearing a helmet. Just in case.

All of tonight’s mashups will be courtesy of the Illuminoids. Click on that link. And appreciate their fantastic intro/jump page. You actually have to click, though– the “SnapShot” image when you hover over the link isn’t the one I want you to see.

The Temptations never sounded so electro-pop as they do in this first track.

I was interested to see where they went with LCD Soundsystem in this second track. Turns out, they used one of the only songs I really like on Sound of Silver. I guess I’m still not sold on the rest of the album.

This final track does a great thing: it takes the Velvet Underground and keeps Nico away from the microphone.

Culture-Jamming 2


I’m assuming that most of the people that read this blog also read Boingboing. And if you don’t, you should. It’s kind of the inspiration for how this blog is written– more of a re-posting of cool/interesting things than a personal rant.

So many of you may have seen this already, but it’s really a wonderful example of culture-jamming. Culture-jamming, for any of you who may have forgotten, is primarily based on manipulation of pre-existing images, namely advertisements. Ads have their power in repetition– we see the “golden arches” and immediately assume “McDonalds.” Taking those same icons and distorting their meaning can give an entirely new meaning to an advertisement, which often serves to completely contradict what it was trying to do originally.

Thus, some enterprising photoshoppers have created this reaction to the UK’s new anti-terrorist fear-mongering advertisement campaign. They’ve really started to go wild with these things, apparently with the intent  to make every Briton suspicious of every other one. And that goes double for immigrants. Or people that look like they might be immigrants. Or people that look like they know people that might be immigrants… And so on.

Fear-mongering is a terrible thing. In fact, it’s a kind of low-grade mental terrorism. You gain your end by creating fear, which is, of course, a synonym for terror. It’s one of the reasons I’ve resisted posting the “neighborhood crime map” on the Phoenix website. If I’m ordered to do it, I probably will, since it’s my job. I don’t want to make people any more scared of where they live, however, especially since it’s not very dangerous. I may be jaded from living in a much more perilous place for years, but it’s how I feel. You can disagree– I understand.

The editors of the Boingboing post asked their commenters for more submissions, so you can check them out here.

I suppose the end of that turned personal, didn’t it? Ah well. Such is the nature of blogging.

Instead of posting individual tracks today, I’m instead going to point you towards Culture Bully‘s Top Mashups of 2008.

Click through and enjoy!