To the Point… Illism


I’ve always been a fan of Makita tools. My dad always used them when I was growing up, and still does today. I remember fondly the Christmas when he passed the old power drill on to me, complete with a leather tool belt and a set of pliers that I use to this day. It’s a wonderful tool.

I’ve never really thought of the company outside of its practicality, however. I like the trademark blue color, but as far as I’ve been concerned, Milwaukee tools still has the edge as far as cool logos go. Makita’s is nicely 60’s, but Milwaukee has an even more delightfully retro 20’s look to it.

Not content to sit in Milwaukee’s graphic-design shadow, Makita has recently created this incredible advertisement (via BoingBoing):


To emphasize their drills’ incredible precision, they drilled over 20,000 holes in a wall, creating a pointillist rendition of one of their drills. Whether or not it’s an effective demonstration of the drills’ ability (they seem to be using some a Black & Decker or something in that third thumbnail), it’s a great idea. And a cool art installation, besides!

So, if you’re in the market for a drill, I’ll give you my old spiel from my hardware-store days: If you want “made in America” street cred and legendary quality, buy Milwaukee. If you want a tool that will last a lifetime, buy Makita. If you want to go a bit cheaper, buy a DeWalt. If you’re a hopeless cheapskate, Black & Decker is on isle 2.

As a short follow-up to last night’s post, I found a more detailed explanation of the gallery opening here. The author admits to sounding a bit like an advert, but I think he’s just as smitten with the bike as I am. Harley-Davidson also created a youth-oriented blog about their Dark Custom line, here. It’s a total marketing ploy, and there’s absolutely no journalistic integrity in anything that’s on the site, but that’s a given. Besides, it’s kind of neat.

To the music!

If men with accents speaking low makes you uncomfortable, avoid this first track.

If you’re not into Rick James either, then skip this second track, too.

But everyone loves MGMT, so make sure to listen to tonight’s final track.


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