Alt. Transportation 3


My internet wasn’t working last night. It was a catastrophe. Not only could I not check my Facebook, but I couldn’t update this site. Luckily, I’m only operating on ResNet’s terms for another two weeks.

In my continuing infatuation with motorcycles, I’ve been looking at all different varieties. This isn’t as much for potential ownership as pure appreciation and curiosity. If I got one, it would probably be something dreadfully efficient and practical, if not beauteous, which is exacly the opposite of this motorcycle:

The motorcycle aside, I love the commercial. While the average age for a Harley buyer is somewhere north of 50, this commercial imagines a town entirely filled with beautiful 20-something hipsters with a penchant for retro/rat-rod culture. And, of course, Iron 883s. I can’t say I blame them– I’d love to live there! Though with a town economy apparently centered on mechanics and pool halls, I’d have to brush up on both skills considerably.

The marketing ploy seems to be working somewhat, though. As Motorcycle magazine points out:

Harley’s blacked-out and matte-finished “Dark Custom” line has proven to be attractive to younger buyers, appealing in both style and price. H-D sold 29,000 bikes to people under the age of 35 in 2008, and the Dark Custom line holds particular interest for the younger demographic. Sales of DCs were up 24% in ’08, aided by the addition of the bobber-like Cross Bones.

Like I said, it worked like a charm on me, too. If I had that kind of money, I’d probably blow it on this. Even if it’s huge, heavy, low-tech, and uncomfortable for someone as tall as I am. There’s just something about Harleys that is spellbinding. I read somewhere that almost everyone who starts out on a Harley never buys anything else, and I don’t doubt it.

I’m equally attracted to the retro look though, which Triumph has been working on, as well. From the fork gaiters to the slammed suspension to the black, powder-coated… everything, the bike is dripping with rat-rod style. But what does that say about the current situation with rat-rodding, as it is?

Have you had your fill of virtually everything under the sun being called “old school” (or old skool, oldschool and oldskool; take your pick)? I know I have. What was once a genuine urban turn of phrase suddenly finds its way into everyday language, and its trendy tone is spewed casually from grade schoolers to grannies. Thanks for nothing, mindless advertising agencies!

Now that you know how I feel about that, let me share a great piece of slogan: “An iron fist in a soft-bellied world…”

…The Iron 883 not only advances the Dark Custom line, it also reflects a trend toward bobbing in the bike culture that’s now moving into the mainstream. Makes us wonder if at that point it’s still rebellious?

Again, Motorcycle seems divided on the point. Still, the Iron 883 was released at a gallery that was featuring artwork by Shepard Fairey, among others. It seems perfectly appropriate– Fairey, like the style that this motorcycle represents, started out on the far side of alternative, and has now become (to some extent, at least) a part of mainstream culture.

Regardless, I still think they’re both ridiculously cool.

Speaking of retro, Dr. Dre is BACK in this first track.

According to this second track, so is disco.

Elvis Costello is kind of retro, right? Whatever. This final track sounds awesome either way.


One response to “Alt. Transportation 3

  1. So I had to watch that commercial without sound, but replace the motorcycles with mopeds and thats pretty realistic.

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