As you may have noticed, now that my class requirement for relevance has passed, my posts may go in increasingly odd directions. Mostly pertaining to art, and the like.

I promise to only showcase the coolest stuff I find, though, such as this pattern set at Wish You Were Here:



They’re absolutely stunning. I think my favorites are the ski-lift one and the sailboat one (in the header photo), but this last one reminds me of a wonderful Flash game I found, via Andkon:

My knowledge of Japanese is really quite poor, so I can never tell if I do well, but whatever!

On to the music.

I can’t decide how I feel about this first track… It sounds pretty good, but I’m always sensitive to how The Beatles are used.

There’s no question about how much I like this second track, though. Multiple samples! Always appreciated!

This final track is just as good, even if it’s only an A vs. B mix.


One response to “Patternal

  1. uggh, this is what my 2D project should have looked like.

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