Alt. Browser


While some people are suspicious about Google, I like them. They’re innovative, convenient, and offer some damn convenient services. Sure, Google Scholar may have somewhat reduced my ability to flip through a book and find what I want (command-F is just SO much more useful), but it’s also found me things I would have never located otherwise.

The same goes for Gmail. I remember snobbily snickering when I accepted the “invitation” back in the days when it wasn’t open to public use, and it’s one of the few services that I’ve used from those less-enlightened high school days that I continue to enjoy. I have a secret habit of fishing through the spam, too, and picking out the best bits, such as this one:

Nocera Sinclaire to me

Of tupi stories was made by the late prof. Charles peer at
erik with moist possessive eyes. Yes! These horseman who
advance so rapidly from glasgow, mrs. Leonides, said taverner
easily. I’m sorry that she has no thoughts whatever. And
even if.

Most are much more explicit, but a few of these pop up every month.

The real reason I’m talking so much about Google today, however, is because of their internet browser, Google Chrome. And the real reason I’m talking about Chrome is because of this commercial:

PRETTY COOL STUFF. It’s especially good if you watch it on YouTube directly, in HD.

I’m a bit divided on Chrome as a browser, mostly because it’s a bit buggy at the moment. It’s simply not as integrated as Safari or as highly developed as Firefox. It also doesn’t run on OSX yet, which is a real drag. I use it on my Windows side, but since Netflix wouldn’t play on it (a problem which has been offset by Netflix streaming on the Mac side), I would often have to use IE7.

That said, it’s wonderfully designed, as most Google creations are, and it came up with a few nigh-“must-have” features, such as the “Most visited sites” page and tabs being on the top, instead of being below the address bar. Of course, Safari 4 (beta) ripped them off immediately, but such is the cut-throat world of computer design, and I’m now a (mostly) happy user of the new Safari browser.

Anyway, try it out. Or not. If you’re using Safari or Firefox, it may not be worth it, but if you’re using Internet Explorer or that SBC Yahoo! Netscape mess, do yourself a favor and make the switch.

To the music.

Ever feel like there’s not enough Bon Jovi in your life? Then this first track will cure what ails ya! Kinda!

Dr. Dre probably wouldn’t like that he’s been mashed with Dolly Parton in this second track. So don’t tell him.

And I’ve never felt as good during a rap song as I did in this final track.

I think I’ll blast that last one as loud as I can on my earphones to wake myself, when I have to get up in five hours. Foolproof!


One response to “Alt. Browser

  1. Wow I thought I was the only one who used more than one browser. I feel less like a nerd now.

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