I had something really cool to blog about today, but when I went to Google Images to find a good header-photo, I was taken aback. Usually, there’s a little row of thumbnails from the LIFE Photo Archive, which Google can now search for you. I like it– the photos are neat (they’ve appeared here, in the past), and it’s a regular sight. This evening, however, I was greeted by the header photo for this post.

It calls itself CADIE, or more sinisterly, “Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity.” It’s a sentient computer system, which compiles data on mainstream culture. And since sentient computers have been proven to be the doom of mankind, the future looks bleak.

Before you get too worried, though, take a deep breath, check the date on the calendar, and resume your ordinary life.

The “self-compiled homepage” is an interesting commentary on internet culture, though. It greets you with a horrific MySpace-y aesthetic, and has about as many popular-dorky things piled onto it as possible. Somehow, I feel as though if this was attempted for real, it would be a lot less cute, and a lot more NSFW.

The designers certainly had a fun time with the project though. While I cringe at what they’ve created, that’s exactly the point. They even had me going, for a couple minutes.

If it was real, though, I undoubtedly would have gotten a notification via GMail Paper, already. I wouldn’t trust it otherwise.

Speaking of fun things to do on April 1, I remember the funniest trick I ever pulled: my friends were playing The Manhole at my house, and I sneaked below, turned off the surge protector that the computer was attached to, and yelled “APRIL FOOLS!” My friends were notably unamused. However, since the game in an infinite loop, they were no closer to beating it than when they started. So I don’t feel quite as bad.

In honor of The Manhole (which consumed hours of my childhood– I was always searching for a way to beat it, which now I realize is impossible), tonight’s music will not be mashups, but will instead be the personal music of one of the game’s designers, Robyn Miller.

Get Out Of My Way

Ever After You

Mechanical Mystgate (This track is from the actual Myst soundtrack, which Miller and his brother wrote. The game, that is.)

There are more songs at his website, including this one, which has somehow become haxxed.


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