Alt. Transportation 2


I’ve already made my preference for two-wheeled transportation abundantly clear. That doesn’t, however, make me one of those people that don’t think cars can be done well. Especially if they have as good a commercial as this:

If I wasn’t already a die-hard Honda fan, this would probably convert me. Using individual lights to make a screen is nothing new, but using cars certainly is, despite the fact that it’s part CGI. I just love the filming style, and the scoring works really well, too.

Calling a hybrid car “alternative transportation” is perhaps sketchy, but for the moment I’m content to call it that. There may be a day when alternative-fuel cars (there’s that term again) are the norm, but for now, unfortunately, they aren’t. As a former hybrid driver, I can attest that they’re really no different to drive than anything else their size. They’re a bit slower and more expensive than their normally-powered bretheren, but they’re cooler. In a dorky kind of way.

That said, bikes that cost a quarter as much can beat the pants off of any hybrid’s fuel economy. Sorry, I just had to.

This first track is for Christian.

This second track is for me, since I can’t get over how much I like the instrumental intro, alone.

This final track is for you– that is, if you’re the kind of person that wishes Animal Collective were less challenging and more synth-pop.


4 responses to “Alt. Transportation 2

  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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  3. hahaha. I was just listening to Stardust Kids and was gonna recommend you post it if you hadn’t yet.
    P.S. We gotta go through this and pull out all the mashes and keep some sorta tally / playlist

    • Agreed. I had a somewhat workable method for keeping track up until a couple of weeks ago, but now it’s all fallen apart. I blame Safari 4.

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