Citizen Journalism 2


Yesterday, I was rather negative towards the idea of citizen journalists. If you want more details, scroll a couple of hundred words down.

Today, though, I’m going to share the brighter side of citizen journalism. For one, I like it better if it’s called “guerilla journalism.” Not only does it sound cooler, but it’s more accurate. Like guerilla fighters going up against a huge army, guerilla journalists have to use whatever their shoestring budgets will allow them to use to try to break their stories. And maybe break the giant media corporations.

When bloggers and citizen journalists are talked about in class, the “Dan Rather case” always comes up. In short, Rather and his CBS crew produced a story based on anonymous documents that showed evidence that former President Bush (44) skipped out on his duties in the National Guard. The blogosphere discovered that the documents were forged, Rather claimed that he did not know, and resigned shortly thereafter. Whether CBS knew they were faked or not, the bloggers brought them down.

Guerilla journalists continue this kind of work all over the globe. Though Tibet has been on lockdown from China for years, Tibetan bloggers still struggle and manage to get information out to the wider world, to tell their stories. I think that’s the strongerst type of guerilla journalism– personal accounts that wouldn’t otherwise be picked up by news sources, which make no pretense to follow traditional news templates. Instead of seeming like biased journalists, these people instead can come off as story-tellers, which makes them much more credible, as well as more interesting.

I’m running out of gas, so Daniel, if you have anything to add, please do.

Speaking of gas, this first track from DJ Earworm is one of my favorites.

Let’s just make that the theme for tonight. This second track isn’t my style, but it has gas in the name.

Actually, this final track has nothing to do with the word gas, but the track above it did. It just didn’t work. This one’s probably better anyway.


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