Alt. Transportation


It’s spring again, and that means my mind is stuck on one thing… my 1974 Honda CB360. Though it hasn’t ran in years, the key still sits on my key-ring, half as a reminder to work on it, and half as the token of a dream.

Cars are fine. They’re just rather boring, under $5000. Either it’ll be a beater or a tinny econobox, and either way it’s not going to be that great. Motorcycles, however, have a certain mystique about them. Though they’re almost never comfortable, have tiny gas tanks, and have almost no luggage space, something about them screams “road-trip.” Maybe that’s just a result of my early exposure to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Anyway, they’re cheap, easy on gas, and a lot of fun. A wonderful alternative to cars, in these hard economic times. Which leads me back to my original daydream. I’ve been wanting to get my bike running for years now. A long time ago (six or seven years now, I believe), I started to disassemble it. However, I stalled, much like the bike, and it’s been sitting in my backyard in a sort of limbo ever since. It’s under a tarp, but the engine seals are broken, so the elements (or moisture at least) has been able to do some damage for quite a while.

The bike has never turned over, at least since John found it in the alley behind his house many years ago, so the engine was pretty shot anyway. At the very least, it would need a rebuild. Technically, I’m not up to the task. As much as I’d like to know how to tinker, I’m sadly deficient in that area. I blame my parents– they only bought Hondas, which never broke down, so I never got to see how they would be fixed.

The conundrum, then, is this: do I pay the money for parts/labor to fix my bike up? Or do I spend an equivalent amount of money on a bike that already runs? I’ve found CB360’s on the internet for $600, and that’s probably not too far from what it would cost me to get my old bike running again. Alternately, I could spend a bit more, and get an even better (used) bike.

So the options are:

1) Make it rain on a mechanic, and get my baby running.

2) Buy another CB360, and keep my old one for parts.

3) Buy a different used bike.

Yes, I know they’re dangerous. Yes, I know they have limited use in the snowy winters, where I reside. Don’t care. Since my apartment will have parking next year, I’m going to want some sort of real transportation. It’s much easier to find jobs when you’re not confined to a one-mile radius from the train.


Since this post has been all about me, the mashups tonight will be too– or they’ll be from my birthday month, at least.

If I didn’t know this first track was a mashup, I might not have noticed.

This second track is much more clearly mashed, and much higher-energy, as well.

The simple inclusion of Lady Gaga in this last track makes it an obvious mash, too. That’s not a bad thing.


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  1. Spare me!!!

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