I know. You’re probably tired of Twitter references. But check out this cartoon from Boingboing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It contains most of my complaints about the service, including the utter banality of it all, but a certain line struck me: “Ok, it seems like Twitter is just bragging about your unexceptional life.” “HA,” I thought at first, “THEY’VE PINNED YOU!” But then I came to the (somewhat horrifying) conclusion that I actually like this a little bit– albeit in a different form.

American Splendor is a movie that I’m really quite fond of. When I saw it back a few years ago, I toyed (briefly) with the idea of starting a similar comic. However, it wouldn’t be about my life, it would be about a friend of mine. It didn’t pan out.

Basically, the idea behind American Splendor is that an ordinary guy starts writing a comic about his life. His relatively awful, mundane life. I’m always told, however, to show, and not tell, so here’s the trailer.

If you have any interest in comics, independent films, or alternative media, this is a perfect movie to watch. It takes ordinary life, and puts it into a novelty form, and thus completely changes how interesting it is. Many of the things in the comics are the same kind of mindless drivel that drives so many “tweets,” but there is one substantial difference: there are real communications and relationships described in the books besides the mindlessness. And that’s what’s necessary to make it art.

The fact that it’s printed on paper in comic book form helps a lot too. That’s not to say that I’m advocating making a comic book out of tweets, but it might be an interesting idea… We’ll see where that one goes.

It’s true– this first track is just the top post on Mashuptown, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth sharing. I like it quite a bit.

This second track is much more high-energy.

It’s hard not to appreciate the complexity of this final track.


One response to “Splendor

  1. It’s interesting, that video had to have had a hand in it by someone who is familiar with twitter. But at the same time it still only looks at twitter as this incredible narcissistic exercise, the “I tweet therefor I am” argument. Gah. I think I should probably post something soon…

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