Expansion 2


I’d forgotten to introduce the second guy I aked to contribute to this blog back when I asked him, so now I’ll take the time to do it. Joe Halso loves mashups more than me. In fact, he probably loves them more than anyone I know. In that spirit, I’ve asked him to share his thoughts. Like any modern/hip/internet savvy person, Joe’s also up on all that other stuff I post around here, so you can expect that he won’t limit himself to mashups.

I think he’s planning on posting soon, so look forward to that.

Though he didn’t introduce me to it, Joe often makes a point to remind me to read Hipster Runoff. I’ve decided against posting bits from the site in the past, since its tagline is “a blog worth blogging about,” but in honor of Joe, I have a little something to share. When I came across this video, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the class that this blog was originally created for, and reminds me of our final project, as well:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

One of the suggested ideas is to make a viral marketing campaign/ internet meme and distribute it– not quite the same as this guy’s project, but similar. If you have any ideas for what I should do for my final project, please let me know– I think I’m supposed to know already, but I’m still not sure. It can be anything DIY/alternative media. If that sounds broad, it’s supposed to. This project is supposed to get our creativity flowing in whatever way we can.

This first track has “nylon” in the name. If you’re at all familiar with Hipster Runoff, you’ll understand why it makes sense.

The instrumental from this second track is from “Silver Lining,” my favorite track from Rilo Kiley’s newest album. And it works really well.

I’m a little bit divided on how I feel about this final track— it’s admirable for trying to do so much, but it sounds a little messy at points.


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