The Phoenix, Re-born… Soon.


Today was a great step forward for us at the Loyola Phoenix. Our website, for a few years now, has been the same old tired design, which frankly just looks bad. There’s not much to love about it, and there’s even less to change, unfortunately. The price of being conveniently hosted by College Publisher is that we’re now on their time for when things get changed or upgraded.

A while back, I reported that Katie (the editor-in-chief) and I had made a mock-up of what we wanted the website to look like and had sent it in to College Publisher for them to approve/start coding. It was quite some time ago that we sent it in, but finally, we saw some forward progress. This morning, they sent us back this revised version of our original mock-up site, which now apparently falls more in line with their design standards/capabilities.

Now, you can’t see the original mock-up that we sent in (I’ll try to find a copy of it), but it was pretty different. First of all, while I put in space for ads, I didn’t think there would be quite as many (all the shaded boxes with numbers in them are ads). We’re also a bit hamstrung by the color palette… It’s been a great struggle for me to go to two consecutive schools with maroon as their main color. I hate maroon. There’s also not as much visual interest, as in the original– the media player I’d included is now missing, and the pictures are significantly smaller.

I get that College Publisher has standards for their templates. But considering the amount we’re paying them, I think we should have much more creative ability! Not to mention fewer ads. I may recommend to future staffs that we divorce ourselves from College Publisher– for the amount we’re paying, I’m sure we could get a good amount of bandwidth for our servers, as well as having someone else write a better-looking website.

For now, however, this will do. There will be some changes made to this version (if you have any suggestions, please comment), but it probably won’t be radically different. At least we’re moving in the right direction. I suppose it’s my fault that I’m artistically unsatisfied.

The music today is fairly upbeat, with the first track featuring CSN&Y vs. Tony Rebel.

There are a lot of mashups with the Gorillaz, but I like how this second track uses them, but very sparingly.

This final track features Aretha Franklin sounding more angry than I’ve ever heard her before.


One response to “The Phoenix, Re-born… Soon.

  1. so is this the first rebirth, or the second?


    the phoenix rises over and over. And over again. The eternal flame of heaven.

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