The Howling Wind Isn’t As Menacing When It’s Warm

I was expecting my page views to drop down to zero while I’m gone, but I’m glad to see that some of you still care. I can’t upload any pictures, since the internet rules don’t allow that here at the hostel, but I’ll get you with some when I go back home.

I’m trying something different while I’m here, though. For the past four years or so, I’ve been the photographer wherever I go. That’s not a bad thing, since I love that kind of work, but it can sometimes put me in a situation where I’m documenting, more than I’m experiencing. Well, this trip is nothing but one huge experience, so I’ve changed things up.

Like I said earlier, I didn’t bring any cameras with me, or almost any electronics at all. What I did take, however, was a small notebook that had been sitting unused in my desk. Now, the only way I have to record my experiences is through my words, which is kind of the opposite of photography. Instead of showing things just how they are, I’m showing things as they appeared to me. And instead of failing to experience, I often experience things twice, when I write them down.

The pages aren’t very big, but I’ve already filled twenty. I’ve been keeping it close at hand, recording anything I think is interesting, split up by entries based on the setting I’m in. It’s been very un-filtered so far, but expect some form of excerpt to make its way up here eventually. Not to sound dumb, but some pretty cool stuff has happened so far.

Anyway, the hostel is incredible. It’s just across the street from the ocean, and there’s a relaxed sense of joy and community that I’ve never seen on a vacation before. It seems like everybody here’s living just as off-the-cuff as I am.

The computer here doesn’t have speakers, so I can’t share any individual mash-ups. Here’s a really great piece of work called Jaydiohead, a mash-up album of, of course, Jay-Z and Radiohead. Enjoy.


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