I admit, I’ve been complaining more than I should about the cold weather. Part of the reason has been because I haven’t been doing anything really blog-worthy, but it’s also because I’m surprisingly bummed out about it. I have found something rather fun to play with on the internet, though, which has been making me feel a bit more hopeful.

Priceline.com offeres an interesting service called “Name Your Own Price.” It is exactly what it sounds like. You decide where you want to go and when (roughly), and name a price you’re willing to pay for that trip. Priceline will try to convince you to bid high (they get a cut), but if you bid obscenely low, you might just get what you’re looking for… At an obscenely low price.

Yesterday, I shared some $120 tickets to Florida, but I didn’t spring for them– I couldn’t figure out what I’d do if I actually got there. Besides, I’m a notorious tight-wad when it comes to spending money. Earlier tonight, though, after toying with this “Name Your Own Price” business, I found a round-trip ticket for $100 (the $120 tickets had since ballooned to $204). Now, when I say I found them, that’s not entirely true– Priceline found them.

The thing is, when you put a bid on tickets on Priceline, you’re agreeing to buy those tickets if they’re agreed to by the airline. So, although Delta was charging $300 for those same tickets, apparently they thought $100 was a better idea. And now I’m the “proud” owner of a round-trip vacation to Fort Lauderdale, from Wednesday through Saturday.

There remained the problem of lodging, however. Not being 21 is quite a hindrance to getting a hotel room, and besides, that would cost even more than the plane tickets. Luckily, the Backpacker’s Beach Hostel came to my rescue. For $20 a night, I get a spot right on the ocean. NOT BAD. I’m not bringing a computer (though I’ll have my internet-enabled iPod), nor am I bringing anything I can’t fit in my backpack (and maybe my small duffel bag).

My life is overwhelmed by electronics. My computer and TV get a lot of use, especially this past week, when I’ve had little to do, and nothing to do outside. I think it’s going to be liberating to be able to lie in the sun, with all of that 1000 miles away from me (literally). It’ll be an experiment in alternative media– as in, paper. I might hop down to Quimby’s tomorrow to pick up some reading material. If you have any thoughts about what I should take with me, let me know! I’ve got 36 hours before my departure. If there’s anything you think I shouldn’t bring, let me know that, too (bathing suit, cell phone, and wallet excluded).

Since almost nobody downloaded the amazing album by the Super Mash Bros. that I posted a couple of times, I’m taking a different approach.

These tracks are all DJ-style, a-la Girl Talk.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This last track makes me want to scream, it’s so good (from 0:15 to 0:30, at least).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Enjoy– the sun’s rising, and I’m doing the opposite.


3 responses to “Heh

  1. 1. Towel 2. hat 3. sunglasses 4. sun screen (SUNSCREEN) Seriously , the sun is different there. 4. High energy snacks (food will be outrageous)5. emergency numbers in back pack in case you lose it or it loses you.

  2. supermash props to me.

  3. umm.. props to me?

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