Om Nom


I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but a lot of the cooler art stuff I come across to share is from Kitsune Noir, the personal blog of Bobby Solomon. I’m not sure when he updates, but he seems to do it in spurts, rather than on a fixed schedule, which I understand– inspiration often comes all at once, rather than when you want it.

Anyway, Solomon shared some work by the artist Julia Sonmi Heglund, an artist based out of Madison, Wisconsin, which I thought was pretty neat. She’s designed a t-shirt for Threadless, who made this video about her and her work:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The shirt is pretty cool (and inspired the title of this post, as you can tell), but what I’m really impressed with is her other work. It’s all got this wonderful sketch-y quality to it, with kind of a folk-art vibe. It’s like a lot of the best stuff on, but more finished. I also am really quite impressed by her ability to convert her artwork to Photoshop files– as I’ve said before, I’m kind of stuck in the stone-age, as far as art-technology goes. She doesn’t have a whole lot on her website, but I imagine she’s rather new on the art scene, so I don’t blame her. If you’re wondering what’s cool in art and design, in these modern times, however, give her stuff a look.

Spring Break Update: There’s been a winter gale raging outside all day today. Horizontal snow, driven by howling (literally) winds. The forecast calls for a warm-up in a few days, but I don’t know if I can wait. Airfare to Florida is down to $160. We’ll see how long my better judgement can last.

This cold weather has me agitated, but this first track calmed me down.

I’ve hated David Byrne ever since he had that one song that came with Windows XP, but I’ll tolerate him in this second track.

There’s a lot going on in this last track, production-wise. It’s not the cleanest thing I’ve ever heard, but it’s an impressive attempt.


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