Apple Art


Apples are for indie kids, right? I mean, that’s why I have two of them. All stereotyping aside, however, I thing Apple’s design is really second to none. They started pretty basic, ventured into Soviet-bloc styling, got back in touch with their childhood roots, and finally hit the sweet spot with their “white line” (my term, not an official one).

They’ve recently forsaken the white polycarbonate for sleeker aluminum, but the basic design principles have remained the same. Simplicity and cleanliness have been paramount, with strong lines and squared-off industrial shapes. Really, the pinnacle of their simplistic design has been manifest in the iPhone. With almost no external controls, the iPhone re-defined the meaning of “simple user interface.”

Unfortunately, iPhones are a bit fragile, so third-party cases have proliferated… Much to the dismay of design aficionados. There are innumerable hideous cases that have popped up, but here are a few. Juicy Couture, which I can’t handle in the first place, created this pink-and-gold eyesore to sheath Cupertino’s gem from dangling metal keys and dongles whatever else those consumers flail around with.

Oakley, that oft-impersonated purveyor of high-priced sport-eyewear, decided to join the party as well. They crafted this absolute monstrosity to protect athletes’ iPhones from being damaged… From anything, apparently. While the phone’s safety is insured, the design of the machine is ruined– which may not be on the top of everyone’s list of reasons to own an iPhone, but certainly matters for me.

Luckily, there are some out there that also appreciate the designs that Apple has created, such as Steven Harrington. His work is incredible, and has that folk-papercraft vibe to it that I’m crazy about. His site is all Flash, so it’s hard to link to specific things, but make sure to check it out. Anyway, Harrington designed this case for the iPhone and this sleeve for laptops. There are plenty more beautiful cases out there, but this is just one. Here’s a video (via Kitsune Noir) about Harrington and his work.


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Anyhow, it’s about time for the music.

This first track showed up after I’d already finished choosing which songs I wanted to share, but it was just too good to put off.

The beginning of this second track didn’t grab me, but the choruses sounded fantastic enough to post.

Finishing out the night, again, is Aaliyah, in the final track. I never heard much of her while she was alive, but she certainly mixes well into these slower mash-ups.



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  1. Loved this blog. Especially the part where the phones are staying in Chicago!!!!

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