Collective Intelligence


My job at the Phoenix is primarily in the function of the Webmaster. This puts me in charge of quite a few different things, but the main responsibility that I have is to update the website and switch the issue over on Wednesdays. Grueling, I know. There’s some small administrative work that I do, including a very minor bit of coding, but most of the design work that I do is completely outsourced.

We run our site through the College Publisher Network, which has a variety of pros and cons. The main cons (for now, at least) is that the site is outdated, and can’t be changed in any drastic way, because of the big pro: CPN does all the actual coding/writing for us. Recently the Editor-in-Chief and I designed a template for a new site and sent it in to them, but the template was just a Photoshop file, not an actual HTML or CSS stylesheet. Which is just fine with me. I don’t really know much code.

I started work on another website today, as well, which will soon host the work of my Convergence Media class. As with most purchased domains, however, it comes with thousands of pre-coded templates to put all the work into. The content and layout is still my responsibility, but the rather difficult technical aspect of coding has been taken away.

This outsourcing, while it has certain limitations, seems to me to be a triumph of Collective Intelligence. If I was forced to code a website myself, the result would be some ancient-looking mess of HTML with no class at all. So instead, someone who can actually do the work is doing it for me! Or already has, in terms of the templates. Collective intelligence is probably the greatest triumph of the internet, in my opinion. Why should we all do mediocre work, when we can all work together and do what we’re best at?

Anyway, to the music.

I’m starting out with a more techno-oriented song today. This first track isn’t all techno, but it’s more so than what I usually post.

If that’s not your thing, this second track is a lot of fun.

This final track is masterfully put together– and makes for a perfect closing song.

The Easter Egg today is much more difficult to figure out, but it’s there.


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