I came across this website pretty randomly, today. I don’t remember how I got to it– it was probably some weird google ad or something like that. Anyway, I’ve been dealing with mash-ups only as they pertain to music (and video, to a small extent). This site, however, deals with a completely different kind of mash-up, one that seems to be much more common: the web-app mash-up.

I don’t really know if I agree with the designation of “mash-up” for these applications… They’re more convergence applications than anything else. I admit– part of the reason I don’t like the site very much is because they’re obsessed enamored with little widgets that transform Tweets into god-knows-what. And I’m not going to get back into that debate. At least not yet.

As a small recollection, however, I’m pleased to report that Gabe and Aly made it to level 35 in Notpron this past weekend, and I just got us to level 36. For anyone who wants to know the secrets to getting that far, click here. Their plan is to beat the game, and considering the progress that they’ve made, I think it’s possible… Ish. We’re still not even into the negative levels. If you wondering why I keep switching tenses, it’s because they do the work, and I tag along, taking some of the credit. I’m not particularly ashamed.

This post is rather short, as I have French to get to. Alternately, I have sleep to get to. One will ultimately supersede the other, with sleep likely gaining the upper hand, in the end.

This first track certainly won’t help anyone sleep. The verdict is still out on its effects on French, however.

On a less frantic, but still high-energy note, this second track will probably prevent sleep as well.

This final track is kind of a change of pace, but it’s not too sleepy.

PS– If you’re wondering why some links are in blue and some are in black, your guess is as good as mine. WordPress just likes to play tricks sometimes, I think.

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