Twitter, Again.


Since I’ve posted my initial thoughts about Twitter, I’ve made some changes in my rhetoric. Most of my criticisms of Twitter are based on the goal of social-networking. If that’s the primary goal, then it seem silly, since you can’t post photos, or even ideas that are longer than 140 characters. Simply put, Facebook does it better.

I’ve found some reasons to like the service, though, and I’ll start with the silly ones. Daniel shared this website with me, which tracks in real-time all the instances where people swear on Twitter. An example I’m quite fond of:

I still absolutely fucking love nsync.. There’s gotta be like a support group for people like me

— cherestinesmash #1212008102 just a moment ago

It’s an interesting little insight into the way people communicate, and best of all, it doesn’t require me to sign up for anything. The second reason is this:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

John Cleese has long been one of my personal heroes, and if he likes it, then there must be something to it. You’ll notice, too, that he has a lemur (a ring-tailed, to be exact) on his Twitter page– which just happens to be my favorite animal.

For organizations, I’ve realized, Twitter can be much more powerful than a social networking tool. Providing updates to all their faithful followers becomes easier than ever before, and as David Pogue of The New York Times points out in his recent column on the service, if someone needs immediate feedback to an idea or question, Twitter’s inter-connectedness with cell phones and other mobile devices make for fairly instantaneous responses.

Steven Levy of Wired has a funny take on this instant connection, however:

“It’s fun to track the digital ejaculations of selected Twitterati. But a couple thousand people signed up unsolicited to follow my tweets. And I feel guilty when not serving this hungry crowd—remorseful when I am.

Since I don’t know many in this mob, I try not to be personally revealing. Still, no matter how innocuous your individual tweets, the aggregate ends up being the foundation of a scary-deep self-portrait. It’s like a psychographic version of strip poker—I’m disrobing, 140 characters at a time.”

The rest of his article can be found here. His fears echo my personal distaste for the service– I just don’t think I have enough interesting things to say to make a good Twitter feed. One blog post a day is work enough (granted, however, that the amount of characters in any one of these posts would necessitate a disgusting amount of Tweets).

I did have a good idea for how I’d like to use Twitter, however. On campus here (and I’m sure on other campuses, as well) there is an overwhelming number of events offering free food. Knowledge of these events is usually pretty limited, though, since aside from the banners hung up in the student union, there isn’t much publicity. What I want to do, then, is to make a live Twitter feed of all the events on campus that are offering free food. It may be the wrong reason to get students to go to an event, but it would still get drastically more attendance at events. I’d go. Thoughts?

I’ve passed 500 words, and I’m not even to the music yet. Here it is, for all of you that stuck around to find it.

I found this first track last night when I was putting together those mash-ups, but I decided to leave it for today, so I’d have something really strong to start with. I think it’s really a good one.

This second track is kind of a co-incidence, since some of my friends went to see Jersey Boys tonight, and “Oh What a Night” forms the backdrop for Snoop’s verbosity.

I had high hopes for this final track just because of the artists involved. Daft Punk has yet to let me down, and even though I first discovered Garbage on Now 3, I like them quite a bit too. 

My, this post is long.


2 responses to “Twitter, Again.

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  2. two more things about twitter.
    at least.
    I’m sure I’ve got more.
    -tweets sent to fbook. But the author says that he likes the conversations that occasionally follow on facebook, and that even though these friends are on Twitter as well, it wouldn’t happen there. Too public.

    There is no end to the sites that use twitter:
    is just another anonymous secrets site, but that updates to twitter for you

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