DJs have been around for decades, but with the rise of digital video, a new talent has arisen to wow endless crowds of dancers: Video Jockeys. VJs (the site is an un-linkable flash mess) essentially do what iTunes’ visualizer does, but it’s cool, because it’s live. They use endless loops of OpenGL effects and other CGI layered over stock footage, to make a visual mash-up, of sorts. And if it’s done well, it perfectly accompanies the music that it’s set to. For example:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

While the idea of a human “visualizer” can seem… Weird, at least consider how much work is going into what these VJs are doing. Anyone who has worked in video or audio production knows just how long the work actually takes, and when you combine that with the precision of hitting musical cues with the pre-recorded clips, it amounts to a lot of work. An impressive amount. Personally, I like a good audio DJ better, but I’ve always been more of an audio person myself– to each their own.

Speaking of audio, here’s the music.

There are large swaths of this first track that aren’t mashed up much at all, but even then it sounds good.

Jay-Z makes another appearance in this second track, and I think he sounds good with punk. It reminds me vaguely of the Bad Brains. Vaguely.

Part of me thinks I posted this song already, but my (terrible, fragmented, and utterly incomplete) records say that I haven’t. So here’s the final track, perhaps for the second time.

I had a great day in terms of hits/comments today– it’s funny how much better that makes my evening (the stats roll over after 6pm, so that’s the end of the WordPress “day”).


2 responses to “VJs

  1. “the site is an un-linkable flash mess”

    nathan, you’ve been reading boingboing too much

  2. Hahahaha.

    I believe they say “Un-linkable flash BLOB.”
    I was quite careful about my choice of diction.

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