Rat Fink


Image Copyright Travis Haight

Image Copyright Travis Haight

One “alternative” artist that I’m rather fond of is Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. He was an illustrator and a hot-rodder at the same time– and those two aspects of his artistic life often blended together. Some of his characters like the Rat Fink and the Wild Child (the mask, in the above picture) have become iconic, especially in the hot-rod world. Even for a hot-rodder, though, Roth was different. The personality of the car was often just as important as the actual mechanicals that went into its transformation. Bright paint, garish designs, and bulging eyes all hit the viewer at once, giving him his unique identity as an artist.

Still today, Roth’s works inspire others. The image above this post is taken from a series (note: the series is very NSFW, and if you’re under 18 do not click throughthat photographer Travis Haight made, centered around the mask of the Wild Child. I was initially hesitant to post this series, for obvious reasons, but I realized that the series perfectly captures the spirit of Roth’s in-your-face work. Also, as a wise person I showed this to said, “if anyone finds this [too lewd], they can get over themselves.” 

The in-your-face juxtaposition of female form and grotesque mask also segues nicely into the idea of mash-ups… So, on to the music!

I think any track that features Alicia Keys can’t go wrong. That goes for this first track, as well.

Fatboy Slim is a strange character, and I’ve found him in some even stranger mixes. This second track is one of the better ones.

The most interestingly mixed track, in my opinion, is this final track. It’s not often that you hear Tom Petty and the lyrics “this is hip-hop” together.

PS– The recent dearth of comments has left me rather sad and lonely.


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