Image Copyright Serge Leblon via Kitsune Noir

Image Copyright Serge Leblon via Kitsune Noir

I’ve long been a fan of director Wes Anderson. He’s directed some of my favorite movies, but I struggle to categorize him as mainstream or alternative. If a person likes one of his more famous movies (The Darjeeling Limited, for example) I’ll give them a little bit of indie-cred, but if they like one of his earlier films (Rushmore) then they’re generally pretty legit. Of course, that system generalizes quite a bit, but it’s usually accurate. 

His earlier movies were definitely alternative. Most people hadn’t heard of him, and he had that weird Wes-Anderson-aesthetic in both his shooting and his writing. As the years have gone on, though, his writing has become a bit less… Strange. I don’t know if this is because he became more popular or because of an internal stylistic decision, but it has affected the critical acclaim of his more recent work. American Express tried to push its alternative image (after realizing, I assume, that they’d lost the battle for mainstream credit card use to Visa and MasterCard) by using Anderson in this commercial:

They did a wonderful job, mostly. The commercial certainly captures his style perfectly, but by putting him in a mainstream/broadcast venue, they somewhat compromised his image. I’m not judging– I try not to hold an artist’s accomplishments against them. I’m just curious to see how his work evolves.

Tonight’s music is starting out weird. This first track is kind of a mess, but it appeals to me in some dark, perverse way.

I decided to post this second track before I even heard it. I love George Harrison, and have yet to find something involving him that I’m not a fan of.

The final track tonight is Booty. That’s what it is.


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  1. I want that luggage

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