Third Coast Comics


Today in Convergence Journalism, our first assignment was due. It’s just a Q & A, but I like the way mine came out. Third Coast Comics is a really cool local comics store that just opened recently, and is just the kind of store I like to have around. They also give a 10% discount to any Loyola student. Consider this my publicity for the store.

“Terry Gant, owner and operator of Third Coast Comics, talks about his store’s recent successes, despite the declining economy.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I found the music tonight in record time, which is good, because I’m exhausted.

I’m just a tiny bit divided on this first track. Most of it is wonderfully produced, but parts of it rub me the wrong way, a little.

This second track is pretty heavily produced, but once it all comes together, it sounds great. Listen to this one with headphones, for sure (though you should listen to everything with headphones, but that’s another battle).

I saved the best for last tonight. It’s one of the finest mash-ups I’ve found in at least a week, I think.


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