I was reading this blog post by Google today, and was struck by how much of a problem paper really is to technology– it’s usually just easier to do something on paper. I’ve come across this a lot in my art “career,” starting in high school. I’d like the record to show that I made a valiant attempt to keep up with the times in high school. I got a graphics tablet, I got Photoshop and Illustrator, and I got a huge book explaining how to draw anything my heart desired with those programs. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have the patience to get good at it. I’d sit in front of a computer with the book and graphics pad for hours, only to realize that I hadn’t produced anything at all. The next day, I’d spend an equal amount of time with scissors and markers, and I would create exactly what I wanted. Some people like the tactile feedback of actual paper, but I like the pure convenience of it. I already know how it works– I’ve been cutting up construction paper since kindergarten. 

In that spirit, I want to share this website, which is a bastion of my ludditical kind of paper-based art. The site is devoted to sketches, not final gallery-ready work, because everything submitted is supposed to be straight from the pages of a Moleskine notebook. Moleskines have become something of a cult item, but I admit I have three different kinds. They’re beautifully made little notebooks, and have somewhat hydrophobic paper that makes for clean and bleed-free ink drawings. They also look like the stereotypical “little black reporter’s notebook,” which I’ve actually found to help me in interviews (it can mollify a nervous interviewee). 

Another cool aspect of the Moleskine craze (which has been helped significantly by is the Moleskine exchange program. Artists will sign up, and will receive a notebook in the mail. They then do whatever they like with it and mail it on to the next person. Not only is this completely lo-fi, but it even uses the postal service! With the exception of posting some of the work on, it is completely electronics-free and is a bit of a throwback to the heart of the Zine movment. 

The music tonight is unthemed. This first track pulls me both towards it and away… But it pulls strongly, so I’ll share it. That said, I don’t know if I’d download it, but you should make that decision for yourself.

I’m afraid of including too many tracks with the same artists, but this second track is definitely worth sharing, even if I’ve posted quite a bit with Jay-Z already. I’ll definitely download this track.

I almost posted this final track the other night, but I decided to only feature Nelly Furtado instead. I think it’s worth the wait, though I can’t really take it seriously– Shaggy is just too middle-school. That means “turn of the millennium,” for anyone who doesn’t know. I didn’t really have to include that last bit, but I never get to say “turn of the millennium” in conversation, and I’m trying to milk my existence as a pan-millennial human as much as I can.

Don’t hold it against me.


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