I saw an absolutely incredible movie today. Coraline not only has a fantastic plot, but everything in it was created by hand. It’s entirely stop-motion, which is not only time consuming, but is in many cases considerably sloppier than a movie rendered with 3D CGI. In Coraline’s case, however, it makes the movie an absolutely magical experience. It’s in 3D (I’m wearing the glasses as I write this, by the way) and that adds a fun gimmick to the film, but there’s just so much hand-made beauty in the movie that I can hardly stand it. Over and over I was bombarded with what I can only describe as the perfect synthesis of craft and fine art. I think my favorite moment in the whole movie (and this isn’t a spoiler, don’t worry) is when the mother is making tea, and the steam coming out of the pot was just wildly waving silver yarn. Incredible! I haven’t seen as craft-y or as inspiring a film since The Science of Sleep. If you’re unsure of whether or not you should see it, you definitely should. As a note, however, I want to add this– if I had kids, I wouldn’t take them to see it. At least if they were below ten. It’s both frightening and burlesque, and it was funny to hear the parents’ reactions in the packed theatre when those elements came into play.

Like I said, the craft elements of the movie are more than enough reason to love the film, but the plot is pretty good, too. Seriously, go out and see it. Keep in mind that everything was created by hand, and you’ll be amazed. If this doesn’t galvanize the craft movement, I don’t know what would.

The music tonight, unlike last night, is un-themed.

I’ll start the night with this first track, which is a bit more electronica-oriented than I usually like. However, change is good.

This second track is kind of playful, which I like. The beat could be driven harder, but it still sounds great. 

I’m not a big fan of JET (they’re just too pop-ish for me), but this final track with them sounds awesome. I think mixing is JET’s saving grace. They write their songs in simple keys, so it’s not hard to mash them up. Keep it up! Kind of!

Go see Coraline. And no, I’m not being paid to advertise for them. I just really loved that movie.


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