Technology is a great thing, but as with anything else, it has its limits. I can’t really complain about my computer. In fact, I’m not even tempted to. It’s excessively more than what I need for most of my day-to-day activities, but for multimedia work, it’s fantastic. It’s the fastest machine I’ve ever used, and with the software suites that I have running on it, I have a workstation capable of turning out a professional/broadcast quality product. The problem is, whatever I put out can only ever be as good as what I put in. I suppose there are all sorts of tricks I can do with editing, but the basic truth is this: if the sound isn’t there, it’s never going to sound clean. If the video is blurred, it’s never going to be that sharp. 

That’s part of why I’ve been so vocal in favor of radio/sound production work instead of video (though I’ve been somewhat forced into video by the necessity of the market). It’s just so much easier to make radio sound good than to make video look good. Video needs to be focussed, white balanced and framed in addition to the sound elements. I suppose that’s why sound is so often neglected in beginning or low-budget productions. Coming from an audio background, my microphone is three times longer than the camera– it looks ridiculous, but it’s integral to the quality of the pieces I try to put together. I just love the ease of making an audio piece sound professional. As long as the recording is clear, you can layer it with any other sounds, and don’t even have to rely on the actual chronology of the event. Video, on the other hand, is much more susceptible to looking bad if the timeline is distorted. 

I guess I shouldn’t even care. Most of what is produced these days is destined for the web, where playback is seldom in a higher resolution than 640×480, and the sound is often played back through tinny laptop speakers. I-Frame and Long-GOP compression debates are nullified by the level (and extremely low) standards of internet video. Maybe it’s for the best.

Anyway, the theme for todays music is one I never thought I’d run: Nelly Furtado! I can’t say I’ve listened to too much of her work in the past, but apparently DJs have, and they seem to love her.

I’m almost positive that I haven’t posted this first track before, but if I have, I apologize. I haven’t really been keeping track of which songs I post, and now that I’m in the third week of doing this, my memory is getting a little vague on what has been posted already. Well, it’s a good one, so even if I have, hopefully you’ll enjoy it… Again!

The verses on this second track are kind of “meh” for me, but the chorus is absolutely fantastic. 

The final track of the night is definitely the best one, but there’s a catch. I couldn’t get the .mp3 link to work, so you’ll have to click the link which will download the track to your computer instead of just playing it in your browser like usual. I apologize for the inconvenience, but it’s good enough that it’s worth downloading anyway!


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