I can’t say I’ve ever understood fandom very well. I’m a fan of tons of different things, but not enough to really devote myself to them. I suppose the greatest extent of my fandom results in my attempts at emulating whatever I like so much (e.g. papercraft, steampunk, etc.), which never quite manages to be what I want it to be. This natural cycle of disappointment keeps my excitement with various things at a healthy craziness– not quite obsession. 

Of course, some people get a tad bit more emotionally involved than I do. It’s arguable that Elvis had the first rabid devoted fan base that crossed the country, but I think The Beatles had the first truly modern fan group. In the Anthology, Paul remembers that with the rudimentary monitoring equipment that they used, the musicians often couldn’t hear themselves over the screaming of the audience when they played stadiums, etc. Imagine not being able to hear yourself think over the thunderous cheers and applause of thousands

Of course, not all fans are members of colossal swarms. Exhibit A:

Granted, Mel is a fictional character, but I think they get her perfect. Devoted and slightly creepy, Fans everywhere (with a capital F) can probably see a little bit of themselves in her. As a side note, the creator of Flight of the Conchords is named James Bobin… Perhaps we’re related in some distant way.

Since The Beatles loom so large in any discussion of fandom, they’ll be the theme of tonight’s mash-ups again. This time, their influence isn’t quite as buried.

I’ll be quite frank– I love this first track. Both songs have special places in my heart, though they’re very different places. This is a prime example of ingenious song juxtaposition, in my opinion.

The songs in this second track aren’t quite as opposed, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t sound fantastic! Musically, it sounds better, I think, but songs from the same general era/genre can do that more easily as in the first example.

Slowing things down, as usual, is tonight’s final track. Since there are three artists on this track, it’s hard to say how they oppose one another. Whatever– they balance wonderfully.

PS– If you like mash-ups and didn’t check out the treat I posted on Sunday, do yourself a favor and download it. It’s one of the best mash-up albums I’ve ever listened to.


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