Time Sand


We talked about all sorts of wonderful things in class today, but I’ll touch on those tomorrow– right now I’m just obsessed with this art project by Michael Marcovici. The project itself is pretty interesting, since it’s the manifestation of one person’s life in terms of sand in an hourglass, but the real thing that gets me about it is the materials. I didn’t know that “time sand” was actually a commodity. I certainly didn’t know that Rolex manufactured and sold it. I suppose if you want to fill your hourglass with the highest quality sand, Rolex would be the company to turn to, however. I’m convinced this is real. I can’t find any mention of it anywhere on the internet besides in connection to this art piece, but I’m unwilling to discount the possibility of its existence. It’s just too cool. Marcovici lives in Vienna, so he may have access to fine Swiss horological equipment… Including sand. That’s all I can assume right now. So far, I’m the only one really excited about the existence of high-quality hourglass sand, as far as I can tell, but that’s not dampening my spirits.

As far as art goes, it’s fairly alternative in a couple of important ways. First of all, it quantifies time in a physical way– and without the cliché of clocks. It does the same to the idea of life, though that’s not quite as impressive, in my opinion. Again, however, the physical components are going to be what make this project. Talk about unique materials! If I can’t even find anything on Google to show me where to get this stuff, it has to come through some strange alternative outlet. I’m smitten.

For the first track of the evening, we have a bouncy song that balances rap vocals and light melodies in the special way that I just love. Thanks to Daniel for the link.

On a rougher end of the spectrum is this second track, but I like how raw it all sounds. It probably helps that I can’t understand a word of it.

Finally, I said that I don’t like that much Beastie Boys stuff, but if it’s made as good as this final track, I’m all ears. The Beatles more than make up for my misgivings about the vocalists (they actually sound great in this mix, anyway).



One response to “Time Sand

  1. I really like that BF v TI song. And sorry dude. Time sand apparently isn’t something i can get really excited about. but i do like the labels on the bags.

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