My parents aren’t very materialistic. They don’t have many of the modern amenities that most Americans deem essential, including cable. And SUVs. They’re just not tempted by that kind of thing. In recent years, however, I’ve noticed a particular vice of theirs: land. I guess buying up land is kind of old-school materialism… As in colonial-old-school. I don’t begrudge them their splurges, though– every time they buy more land around my cabin in northern Michigan, more forest is saved from development. Anyway, they’ve also started building/buying houses, and now we have the first three houses on the block.

The most recent house was foreclosed on, and apparently the residents that preceded us didn’t care to take anything with them when they had to leave. The house is filled with all the detritus of up-north life, including cabinets stocked with canned foods, snowmobile boots, and over 500 bullets, both boxed and loose. Also present in the house was a lone audio cassette tape of Biz Markie (the link is a little bit of a LOL, since every page besides the home page is dead. Here’s his Wikipedia entry). If you’ve never heard of him, I’m not surprised. His only hit was in 1989, and it’s ridiculous. Still, I loved the tape, and want to share this video with you.

Why does this count as alternative media, you ask? It’s hard to justify, I know. I’ll just say it’s retro– he’s an artist that has largely faded from popular knowledge, and so he’s become an alternative figure in the world of pop culture. Yeah? Whatever. Just watch the video.

In the extremely unlikely chance that you didn’t enjoy that, I won’t count it as one of the songs today. So this track will be the first mash-up of the day instead.

I didn’t like how dance-y this second track was initially, but I stuck with it, and I’m glad I did! You’ll see what I mean.

This last track is really well done! You’ll have to turn it up a bit, since for some reason this track is quieter than the rest, but it’ll be worth it. I haven’t heard of the DJ (I think this is him…) but they definitely have skill.

PS– This is the first post that’s not being written from the comfort of my own apartment. Just sayin’.


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