It’s Pronounced “RAY-dio”


Today I talked with my Broadcast News teacher, Prof. Konrad, about her experience at WTVS Detroit and about public radio. I was shocked when she said that NPR has actually experienced growth, strongly opposed to the rest of the radio format. I’ve noticed that NPR/PRI, et al. have been getting much better at fostering “hit shows,” but I didn’t think that they were actually doing well enough to gain popularity when everyone else is shutting down. I’m glad to hear it, personally. It also reminded me of just how much I want to work in public media (you know you aren’t in it for money when…). I have a lot of production work that I’m going to be doing this semester– and I can’t wait to get started!

This first track is something of a teaser. It’s only a minute long, but it’s delightful in its novelty.

If you need something to wake you up, this second track is just the thing– It’s almost too frantic, but there is a nice calming bridge in the middle, in case you can’t handle it.

This last track should hopefully be long/complex enough to make up for the shortness of the first one. I usually hate the Beastie Boys (whether alone or mashed-up), so this may be the last you see of them from me. Luckily for all you Beastie Boys fans out there, this track is pretty good. Especially right at the half-way point.


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