Today I encountered nothing interesting enough to post, so I’ll just share a site that has made a funny transition between guerilla/alternative media since I’ve known of it. Lomography is centered around distortion caused by lo-fi cameras. In other words, those washed out/color shifted photos of the school dance that you took on a disposable camera are now hip. They are even, in some cases, considered fine art. That may sound dismissive, but it’s not– I really like the aesthetic. I also like the emphasis on low-tech equipment. Unfortunately, since Lomography has become hip, the equipment has become more and more expensive, until now it costs significantly more to buy the junk cameras than to buy quality equipment. Still, it had its roots as a small group of weirdos that liked a particular aesthetic and made a subculture around it. Since I hate it when people shame indie bands that “went pop,” I can’t in good conscience hold Lomography’s success against it. All else aside, it still makes interesting images, and that’s what counts most.

Enough of that. I may talk about Lomography more at later dates, but let’s move on to the music.

This song is hardly a mash-up at all since it only substitutes the instrumental from a different song, but it sounds awesome. And I love anything Kanye.

I guess this next song is, too, but at least they had to match the beats and key this time. I not crazy that it’s Macy Gray, but it sounds good.

This seems to be the theme tonight, so the last song will not waver. I also usually end on a quiet song since it puts me to sleep, but realizing that most readers probably check this sometime before they’re going to bed, I’m ending on this faster song to keep you energized throughout the day.



One response to “.LOMO

  1. apparently it’s also cool to stick your thumb in front of the lens.

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