Daily Archives: January 24, 2009

Copyright Tom-foolery


I just spent the past few hours watching pop music videos on the internet. Most of what we looked for was readily available, including all the N*SYNC/Britney that we could ever want. A couple of times, however, we ran into weird setbacks. The strangest was when A-ha’s Take on Me was unavailable on YouTube because of copyright restrictions. If the most popular tracks in the world are available on YouTube, then why is a weird 80’s cult song being targeted for copyright infringement? The wonders of the internet insured that we would be able to find the video within moments of YouTube’s rejection, but still. I just don’t understand. How do they figure out which videos they’re going to track? Maybe A-ha is just really averse to YouTube (but not Google Video, clearly). Whatever– I found better stuff to watch, anyway.

A side effect of not having classes on Fridays is that I do practically nothing at all. So that’s my only interesting brush with any kind of alternative media. That said, I noticed that the hits for this blog have increased rapidly in the past few days (which warms my heart more than you can imagine), and most of the hits are coming through Facebook. I don’t know if Facebook-status self-promotion counts as guerilla advertising, but hey, if it works, it works.

So, the music. Today’s first mash-up is a slight departure from the songs I usually post. This mash-up lands much more in the “dance/electronica” category than most of the songs that I like. It’s really well done, though, so check it out.

Back to my usual tastes, the second mash-up┬áhas much more of the “songwriting”┬ásensibilities┬áthat I love.

I’m not crazy about the beginning of the last song, since it’s just the one track, but the rest of it is really clean. And it’s slower, so it’s a nice one to end the night to. It’s late, and I need to sleep.

Good heavens.

PS– That last song was kind of a cop-out, and I feel bad. So here’s a consolation track.