ARG(h)! Notpron Stole My Soul.


I didn’t know what they were called before today, but Alternative Reality Games (ARGs) have caused me all sorts of intellectual torment in the past. To be specific, one game has sapped dozens of hours of my time. It’s called Notpron, and it’s touted as the most difficult riddle on the internet. Indeed, of the 13 million people who have tried, only three have actually completed it. Now them’s some odds. Anyway, give it a shot, if you want. It’s difficult, and a crack team of five of us is stuck on level 16. I’m puzzling out how to reverse an “allowtransparency” command in the Javascript, but haven’t found a way yet tonight. The furthest I’ve known someone to get is level -21. Yeah.

Apparently these things are everywhere, now. This one brought ARGs into popular notoriety, but many more are referenced at this site, which serves as a “home base” of sorts for these games. If you’re at all interested, and have more time on your hands than you know what to do with, read up on them. And then give one a shot.

I’ll get to the music a little faster today. I’m currently (as this is being written) listening to a mash-up of Alicia Keys and The Beach Boys, and I almost posted it, until I realized my favorite part of it was when Alicia Keys just sang by herself. Some songs are like that.

I said yesterday that there are a surprising amount of Beyoncé mash-ups. I wasn’t lying. Here’s another from her “Destiny’s Child” days.

I was shocked by this next mash-up. It’s good, but that’s not the reason– the first time I heard this song was on the Top-40 station in Detroit! I don’t know if this song has made it big all over the country or if the DJ at 955 just had a copy of this, but it’s great that at least some mash-ups are getting air-time.

Finally, it’s late, and this last track always calms me down. It was one of the first I ever found on my own, and it holds a special place in my heart for that. I’m also an unabashed fan of rap vocals layered over alt. music. And Dr. Dre. It’s a winner on several levels.

Let me know how you do in Notpron!


3 responses to “ARG(h)! Notpron Stole My Soul.

  1. wow, am i included in that 5? because i literally did nothing to help.

  2. not your boyfriend's roommate Gabe

    if you like ARGs you’ll love this game:

  3. not your roommate Gabe

    If you like ARGs you’ll love this game:

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