On Mash-ups


Image Copyright Nathan Fox, via Kitsunenoir.com

Image Copyright Nathan Fox, via Kitsunenoir.com

 I want to begin todays post with an addendum to yesterday’s entry. I talked about how blogs (especially syndicated ones) aren’t particularly alternative anymore, but they do still have a “guerilla” aspect to them. Most of that is because they’re immediately available to anyone who wants to see them, via the internet, and there’s no kind of editorial constraint on what they contain. You can literally say anything, and be read in most corners of the world instantly. As far as the guerilla aspect of media goes, there’s little more that could even be done, besides a worldwide synchronized leaflet drop. And as cool as that would be, it’s a little… unlikely. For the cost of entry (nothing) and the ability to publish worldwide, blogs are the ideal guerilla medium.

Especially when they’re talking about equally guerilla media. While mash-ups are still much more alternative than, well, most music, they’re coming more and more into the public eye. The success of artists like Danger Mouse and his “Grey Album” propelled mash-ups into the courts, if not the Top 40, but after most of the legal issues were ironed out, mash-ups have experienced an internal explosion. DJs from all over the world have been putting songs together, with specifically different styles.

The first style, which I prefer, is the “songwriting style,” a style that has found popularity in artists such as DJ Earworm, among others. The songwriting style usually has one song’s track as the bass line or the instrumental track, with other vocals on top of it. For more information, this article explains it well. The “DJ style,” which Girl Talk has made immensely popular, usually has oodles of tracks mixed together within a single song, which flow through each other seamlessly, rather than begin and end as traditional songs. Again, the article is more specific.

Anyway, I’ll be writing more about mash-ups as the semester progresses, so I’ll leave it at that for now. I’m already over 300 words, and I can imagine you may be antsy for the music. This post is named “On Mash-ups,” after all. 

Today’s theme is… *drumroll* … The Beatles! Kind of. All the mash-ups today have some element of Beatles in them today, but in varying degrees. I’ll get into that per song, as I post them.

The first song is a brilliant mash of several songs, but the mix of Let it Be and No Woman No Cry on the instrumental track is astounding.

This second song at first appears to have no Beatles in it at all… But wait for it. It surprised me when it kicked in, and I loved it.

The final song is just too hot not to post. I hadn’t heard of Katie Enlow prior to hearing this song, but she absolutely kills. Keep her on your radar (Update– Apparently she’s retired. Too bad). If you can figure out what exactly the Beatles perform in this track, let me know. I think it’s the piano… But I’m not sure.

And since I got pretty long-winded today, here’s a monster of a thing to listen to. Make sure you have a lot of time to devote to it– I’m pretty sure it’s at least an hour long. But it’s worth it.

Happy listening!


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