“I’d Like to be Tweeted…”


A Borders barista extolled the virtues of Twitter to me today, as I waited for my hot chocolate. His argument centered mostly around the fact that “tweeting” is a fun verb, and he would like that to happen around him more, which I understand. Mostly. The title of this post is a direct quote. Still, I can’t get past the fact that “tweets” can only be 140 characters, max. If it was 160 characters, that would be fine. I’m used to the poetry involved with compressing one’s thoughts into 160 characters (though I’ve been spoiled by the fact that Verizon subscribers can receive up to 1000 from me). Losing those 20 characters is just silly.

Besides, if I want to update people to what I’m doing, my Facebook status will do just fine.

Because a post wouldn’t be complete without one, here’s today’s top mashup.

This one isn’t nearly as long, but it’s silly. And I can appreciate that.

I’ll limit myself to three tonight, so here’s the final one. Enjoy!


One response to ““I’d Like to be Tweeted…”

  1. not your roommate Gabe

    I will tweet you tonight in your sleep…

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