Daily Archives: January 17, 2009

My Picture Goes International


Image Copyright Sarah Rogers

Image Copyright Sarah Rogers

One aspect of alternative media that we talked about was how the open-source/open-ended mentality frees bloggers from restraints, and opens up the media to anyone who wants to use it. Personally, I encountered the effects of this today. A friend of mine, Sarah Rogers, has been taking a photo a day for her Flickr account, and included two of me, this past week. One was the picture above, showcasing my fake tattoo of an owl, which I received a couple of days ago. Flickr, apparently, shows you everyone who links to your pictures, and when Sarah saw this link, she was puzzled (this link is fine, but the rest of the site may be NSFW). Apparently, the webmaster liked the photo, and now I’m showcased, along with dozens of corset-ed women, in Germany.

I don’t care, especially since my name is in no way attached to the photo (with the exception of this posting), so I’m going to let the photo stay on the site. It’s just a stunning example of how fast media can spread in this new “alnernative” format. I was also on an Indian website advertising “Loyola College,” but it may be gone. Regardless, for a day, at least, my picture was shown on three continents. Completely without my knowledge.

Now that’s new media.

PS– I’m a pretty big fan of Eminem, so whenever he shows up in a mashup, I like to show it around (if it’s a good one, that is).

And because I never run out of mashups to share with the world, here’s one that I wouldn’t have even caught as a mashup if I didn’t know it was one already.

This one is equally flawless, but may be even better, since both songs are so well-known to begin with already.